D.R. Wagner

D.R. Wagner is the author of over twenty books and chapbooks of poetry and letters. He founded press : today : niagara in Niagara Falls, NY in 1965 and later Runcible Spoon (press) in the late 1960ís and produced over fifty magazines and chapbooks. He cowrote The Egyptian Stroboscope with d.a. levy in the late 1960ís. He read with Jim Morrison of the Doors in a legendary reading with Morrison and Michael McClure and has read with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Al Winans, Viola Weinberg, d.a. levy, E.R. Baxter III, Ed Sanders, Ann Waldman and many, many other poets over the past 40 years.

His work is much published and has appeared in numerous translations. He has exhibited visual poetry with the likes of William Burroughs, Byron Gysin, Ian Hamilton Finlay, bp Nichol, bill bissett, J.F. Bory and John Furnival in venues ranging from The Musee de Arts Decoratifs, Paris, at the

Louvre to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

He is also a visual artist, producing miniature needle-made tapestries that have been exhibited internationally and are included in numerous publications and museum collections. He is, further, a professional musician, working as a singer-songwriter and playing guitar and keyboards.

Teaching Design at the University of California at Davis since 1988, he also teaches in the Honors program at the University conducting classes in Poetry by Design.

His most recent books include a collection of his poetry and photographs of his tapestries for Rattlesnake Press, entitled Where The Stars Are Kept. In 2011, Rattlesnake Press published a new collection of poetry entitled A Limited Means of Expression. A new chapbook PENTECOST, has been published by Green Panda Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 2012, 97 POEMS published by Cold River Press in 2012 and a chapbook, PERSONAL ARCHEOLOGY premiered in 2013 from Bottle of Smoke Press, Dover, DE.

He continues to design interior carpeting and tapestry as well as write, perform and publish poetry regularly. He currently lives in Locke, Ca.