246pp. +  Soft Cover. Perfect Bound. 6" x 9". 
11 Original Illustrations
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97 Poems by D. R. Wagner


At last! A big collection of superlative poems by the incomparable D.R. Wagner—visionary explorations of the omnipresent music and beauty and mystery and multi-dimensionality of life.
   Todd Walton
    Author of Inside Moves and Buddha In A Teacup


If I could write, I'd write like D.R. Wagner, whose writing touches the earth and then the sky and then all points in between. He talks about Higher Beings without really naming them, about fairytales and mythology, about daily life and the pain and fragility of being human. I've published his work many times because his voice is so unique and continues to evolve as his work goes on. D.R. would be my literary alter-ego—if I could write, that is.
      Kathy Kieth
      Publisher of Rattlesnake Press and Medusa's Kitchen