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Is there intelligent life out there? Are we alone in the universe? If there is something out there, what would it want? Would it want to help us evolve, or enslave us, or perhaps destroy us? Or would it simply want us to first offer it a token gift, perhaps a gift of fruit, and
nothing more?

Featuring the works of:

D.R. Wagner, Karl Kempton, A.D. Winans, Lara Gularte, Susan Kelly De-Witt, V.L. O’Farrell, James Boury, Stanley Zumbiel, Sue Daly, Ann Wehrman, Taylor Graham, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Lelania Fowler, Changming Yuan, Darlene Engebretsen, Jeanine Stevens, Joseph Nolan, T. William Wallin, Tim Kahl. Sharon Mahany, Sven Kretzschmar, Doreen Beyer, Olga Browne, Yuanbing Zhang, Brooke Wolff, Vicki Carroll, Jill Stockinger and William Bayne.




Language Of The
Tea Leaves
Sue Daly


Desolate Travels Of A
Junkie On The Road
T. William Wallin-sato


Dreams, Desires, Delusions

Lelania Fowler

Tom Hedt

Borders And Boundaries
Bill Pieper

The Distance Between Us
jim bourey

An Anthology

Rungs Of The Ladder
Phil Weidman

Windows Of Time & Place
Taylor Graham

Tough Enough
Poems From The TOBs

The Order Of Events
Wagner &  Alexander

Sacramento Voices

Crazy John Poems
A. D. Winans

Simple Sweetness
Barbara West

D. R. Wagner

Sacramento Voices

D. R. Wagner

Sharon Gariepy Frye

Sacramento Voices

Taylor Graham

Spider Season
Susan Kelly-DeWitt

In Chaparral
Wendy Williams

West Of Angels
Allegra Silberstein

The Near Enough
Michael Keith

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian
National 2015 Book Winner

Forgive Me Father
 Bill Pieper

Sacramento Voices 2014
Edited by Phillip Larrea

Sacramento Voices 2015
Edited by Phillip Larrea

Remembering Eternity
D. R. Wagner

Bones, Skin & Soul
David Iribarne

Out Of Reach
Cynthia Linville

We The People
Phillip Larrea


In The Rear View Mirror
Phil Weidman

D. R. Wagner



The Lost Thing
Cynthia Linville

Sacramento Voices

Black Ink Junkie
Dave Boles


The View From Mt. Aukum
Ben Hiatt

Homage To A Word
Dave Boles

Phoenix Fire
Tim O'Laughlin


Some Sort Of Easy Life
Mark Weber

Dave Boles


A Small Answer To
A Large Question
Dave Boles



Do Aluminum Chickens
Eat Metal Feed?
Dave Boles


You Tore Us
Meri St. Mary

Media Dissertation
Of A Balding Man
Dave Boles


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ALIVE IN AMERICA - 196 pages, plus cover, 18 illustrations
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CABO DAYS - 24 page chapbook, plus cover, 1 long poem
5 x 7, Saddle Stitch

Are you alive in America? You think so? How can you tell? Now there is a way to tell. dave boles has outlined a common vision for all of us. If you can listen, this is the story of what’s it is really like to be alive in America. This is a carefully crafted and extremely well-written look at how we are today and how we got here. This book is a bright light on dark corners. A clear voice reaching out to each of us. A testament to a belief in kindness and a studied understanding of who and how we have become what we are. This is a serious book, peppered with good humor and an open heart to help explain the unexplainable, i.e. what it is really like to be Alive in America. Read this book.

D.R. Wagner


a 35 year selected collection of "okie surrealist" poems, including 5 typewriter poems and signature illuminated monkey iconography by alter ego bodhi presents a spectrum of twists and turns bound to confound many minds into altered realms.

two typewriter poems as bookends set the tone from gallows humor to the demand to remain independent from group thought. his poem "Civilized" opens with "the great lie / we all live with / is that we are civilized" followed by his typewriter poem "A Classic Representation Of The Eternal Struggle Between Good And Evil……………" when writing "Waiting For The Resurrection of Civility," he, like kenneth patchen, takes no prisoners. this is not for the faint hearted or politically correct.

poignant moments are found in "The Art Of Rolling A One Paper Joint," "Memorial Day, 2011," and "Halcyon Days" for the disenfranchised. and, among the timeless poems are "Covenant," "It’s A Messy Business," "Shambhala," and "The Codex Of The Illuminated Monkey," in which we read "They gave one monkey / the gift of illumination, / the power to see beyond/ the petty machinations / of man.

such is, the intention of this devotee of the illuminated monkey accompanied by his side kick the gringo shaman hidden behind and in between the lines.

karl kempton