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Dave Boles, Publisher of Cold River Press, has a style of speaking that is driving and informative. His life experiences developing successful marketing formats for clients such as Tachikara Sports, Round Table Pizza, Bonne Bell Cosmetics, CB Commercial Real Estate, Rubicon Express, Winncrest Homes, Removable Media Storage, Inc. and North American Bridal Association, have allowed him to evolve a unique mixture of design and publishing concepts.

Through his commercial projects, Dave was able to form Cold River Press, allowing artists, writers, illustrators and photographers on the cutting edge of their fields to be heard.

Dave has published, designed and produced newspapers, magazines, books, chapbooks, web sites and every other conveyance of the printed word since 1982 both nationally and internationally.

Mixing the combination of commercial design and alternative publishing has allowed him insight into how society views and accepts it's presented messages; not only for today, but from the past and into the future.  His seminars and speaking engagements illustrate the roles publishing and design have played in our society since Gutenberg printed his first bible to today's use of the Internet.

Throughout history publishing and design have played a pivotal role in our societal evolution; he will tell you how.

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