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In The Rear View Mirror
- Poems by Phil Weidman -

Phil Weidman is a long time friend. His poems continue to fascinate me. Years ago I used a quote of his because it hit so deeply: “…it’s love we crave …love the healer…if you ruin yourself to the point that you can’t love, the ballgame is over.” This depth of feeling comes up often in his poems. The connection to joy and acceptance. Battering down the old ego. But remembering we also have to laugh at ourselves. There is respect in these poems, humor, daily experiences, and a man who roams the wide range of
himself , finding the lost calf in winter, noticing the landscape and the start and end of a day. In one poem he writes of “recharging a battery that has outlived its warranty”, and this is where his poetry really works for me. Weidman goes the extra step in his emotions. He can take you with him. He writes: “…wilderness doesn’t stop at forest edge. It continues in me”.

Ann Menebroker


Phil Weidman writes as if he sat down with suffering, listened to it with all his heart, and put it into plain words for us. And then he opens the door and takes us along for a walk in the forest with his dog. Look, he says, how crisp the air is. He doesn’t let the poetry get in the way of clear vision, but his lines stay with us. He’s taking us on a walk to open our eyes.

Taylor Graham


I'm always pleased by Phil Weidman’s poems. Often brief, even the shortest present a clear vision, and an intense, eloquent voice concerned with an individual human’s struggles and victories in a troubled world. They work.

Ruth Kempher



Born in Alturas, California in 1936, and graduated from Chico High School, Phil Weidman served two years in the U.S. Army, then worked as a newspaper reporter, landscape gardener and warehouseman. A practicing visual artist for thirty years, who exhibited throughout Northern California, he graduated from California State College, Sacramento with a Bachelor’s Degree in 1968 and a Master’s degree in 1970. In Sacramento, he taught a variety of subjects in Sacramento schools, including McClasky School for Handicapped Adults, and he worked with at-risk youth in an after-school program in Sacramento County. He lives in Pollock Pines, CA with his wife Pat.

Phil is the author of ten books of poetry, beginning with Sixes in 1968 (The Runcible Spoon) and the latest being I Haven’t Yet Opened My Eyes in 2011 (Chiron Review Press). His poetry has appeared in periodicals as varied as The American Bard, Hearse, Scree, Olé, Stance, Pinch Penny, Poetry Now, Red Cedar Review, Caprice, Sure, The Wormwood Review, Nerve Cowboy, Pearl, Chiron Review, and Rattlesnake Review. His work has appeared in three anthologies: Revolutionary Poetry (New York, 1972) Landing Signals (Sacramento, 1985) and At the Gate: Departures and Arrivals (Kings Estate Press).

62pp. +  Soft Cover. Perfect Bound. 5.5" x 8.5". 
$14.95 + $2.00 Shipping