More than a chapbook, but not quite a book, the POCKETBOOK series features a small format with a powerful punch. These are books of Poetry, Fiction, Short Stories, and Plays that are
4 1/4 x 6 3/8, 48 -92 pages in length. Inside text is black and white, but the covers are in full color. All POCKETBOOKS have an ISBN & LOC number and are registered with the Library of Congress. Send a query letter with an outline of your book to:

D.R. Wagner
Remembering Eternity

Yuan Changming
All My Crows

dave boles
Confessions Of A Black Ink Junkie

A.D. Winans    76pp    4.25 x 6.375
Coming Soon

karl kempton    78pp    4.25 x 6.375
Coming Soon