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An excellent debut collection of poetry. Lelania’s long strophic lines and sparkler-like images propel these excursions into another realm. The work is not lyrical or narrative but cuts a lovely landscape between these genres. Refreshing to read and re-read. A most enjoyable work.

                                                       D.R. Wagner

Lelania Fowler’s Under A Milk Glass Moon is, I am convinced, a collection of hymns to the Hindu goddess Kali, Mother of All, adorned in her necklace of human heads. There is a female energy in this writing to which I, as a male, have been blind and deaf, a feminine language in which I am not fluent. Even so, the poems themselves contain keys to help me unlock doors I never knew existed.

Her imagery paints a powerful picture. “Standing outside myself like a stick figure in a cave painting, snagged on shadows that are love letters to scars” (Sky Punch); “Words of spite come back to shake like the sound of a basket of snail shells” (In Spite of it All)

After reading this first collection of her poetry I asked myself “when is the next collection to appear?” Let’s hope it is coming soon.

                                                        Robert Lee Haycock