Cold River












94pp. +  Soft Cover. Perfect Bound. 6" x 9". 
16 Author Illustrations
Forward by V. Vale of RE/Search
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Read what some are saying of her new work:

“Meri St. Mary is a force of nature, spinning out of the Southlands like an electric whirlwind. Her poems cut through lie's alleys, illuminating seldom seen places.”
    Jim Morton - Writer, Popvoid, Incredibly Strange Films


“I swear, that at birth, a punk rock daemon jumped Meri St. Mary's bones. And for this we are all incredibly grateful. Because Meri - and her daemon - have never stopped playing music or writing lyrics or living large.  Now, those two have blown into the world of poetry. Step back motherfuckers. Step back!”
    Wickie Stamps - Writer/Editor of notorious gay boy rag Drummer


“MSM delivers fractured fairy tales from a haunted & fallen world.. Fierce & funny, a one two punch to the juggler, her very name is a poem.”
    Stanislaw Sobolewski - Writer, Moe's Books


“Bam! Is the feeling you get when first reading St. Mary's poems. They come at you with the intensity of a freight train, then you start to feel the intimacy of her work - she makes it easy to fall in love. And I have.”
    Bill Gainer- Poet, Nevada City


“Meri is a survivor with a sense of humor & humility, a punk rock version of The Unsinkable Molly Brown - except she never had any use for rich husbands. She has a lot to talk about.”
    Steven Gray - Revolutionary Poets Brigade


“I'd kill for you, please say who
I'd wreck the car too so we could sue
I'd buy a crocodile & send him thru the mail
A file would be inside if you were in jail
I'd bite a cop for you (please say when)
And a meter maid too”
     Dave D' og Swan - Musician/TV Host


“Due to a great & enduring childhood trauma surrounding poems (thanx mom) I can say: Hey, I love you Meri but poetry puts me in an awkward position.”
    Adam Parfrey - Feral House Books


“MSM is a true inspiration for us all. She has been able to convey the ups & downs that life has to offer her, expressing her thoughts & emotions to word in this wonderful book.”
    Ginger Coyote - Publisher/Punk Globe


“Meri is a superbendable genius person who is like a human shark of conversation: if she stops talking she will die!”
    Monte Cazazza - Artist/Musician

“I've never sat down and read Meri St Mary. But I've watched her perform, I've seen her reading her poems and I've sat in a car as she drove across a city she once loved but now curses, as she spun tales, memories and opinions. Listen, her poems excavate memories and dig fingernails into her present, scratching for some kind of truths in rubble, cold soil and dead skin. Her work draws a dark poignancy from a life lived at the edge, not some punk edge - although that's there too - but the shared edge we all live at: An edge that demarcates the territory of our own fumbled pleasures and inevitable failures - the edge of our own lives - the edge of our own existence. Time to sit and read these words.”
    Jack Sargeant
- Writer, Australia



Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Meri was one of the original Hollywood scene punks, closely associated with the early Dickies and Weirdos, where she was known as Meri Housecoat. After relocating to San Francisco in the early 1980s, she formed Housecoat Project. Her poetry has most recently been published in Chiron Review #9 (where she was featured on the cover), Primall Urge: A Journal For Diverse Humans and Out Of Our, Vol. 7 (sharing that issue with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane DiPrima and Steven Gray, among others). She has performed her poetry at many venues from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Nevada City, her current home base.  YOU TORE US, is her first book collection of poetic and artistic works.   Check out her website at