160pp. +  Soft Cover.  Perfect Bound. 6" x 9". 

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An incredible collection of the Sacramento Valley's premier poets.  Edited by Phillip Larrea and Dave Boles, this anthology has something to offer everyone.  160 pages in length, the anthology is a collection of readers that appeared at the Sacramento Poetry Center for Phillip Larrea's reading series, Foam At The Mouth.  Divided into two sections, this anthology showcases not only the featured readers of the series, but it also allows open-mic readers a chance at having their work read.

Featured readers include: Jeff Knorr, Bob Stanley, Bill Gainer, Todd Cirillo, D.R. Wagner, Jt Odochartaigh, Linda Jackson Collins, Dave Boles, Allegra Silberstein,Geoffrey Neill, Meri St. Mary, Michael Ellis Miller, David Iribarne, Stan Zumbiel, Cynthia Linville, Nancy Aide Gonzalez, Shawn Aveningo, Emmanuel Sigauke, Tim Kahl, Shawn Pittard, Evan Myquest and Phillip Larrea

Open Mic readers include: Gene Avery, Annie Menebroker, Jan Haag, John Bell, Karin Erickson, Deborah Meltvedt, JoAnn Anglin, Susan Kelly-Dewitt, Ann Privateer, Katy Brown, Dennis Hock, Mary Zeppa, Kara Syndhorst, Lytton Bell, Lauren Cole Norton, Martha Kight, Tom Goff, Jan Haag, Laura Martin, Concepcion Tadeo, Sean King, Lauren Cole Norton, Carolyn Ralston, Wendy Williams
and Dr. Andy Jones