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Is there intelligent life out there? Are we alone in the universe? If there is something out there, what would it want?
Would it want to help us evolve, or enslave us, or perhaps destroy us? Or would it simply want us to first offer it a token gift,
perhaps a gift of fruit, and nothing more?

Featuring the works of:

D.R. Wagner, Karl Kempton, A.D. Winans, Lara Gularte, Susan Kelly De-Witt, V.L. O’Farrell, James Boury, Stanley Zumbiel, Sue Daly, Ann Wehrman, Taylor Graham, Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, Lelania Fowler,Changming Yuan, Darlene Engebretsen, Jeanine Stevens, Joseph Nolan, T. William Wallin, Tim Kahl. Sharon Mahany,Sven Kretzschmar, Doreen Beyer, Olga Browne, Yuanbing Zhang, Brooke Wolff, Vicki Carroll, Jill Stockinger and William Bayne.