Wendy Williams

Wendy Patrice Williams is a writer, educator, and poet with two chapbooks, Some New Forgetting and Bayley House Bard. She has been a member of the Red Fox Underground Poets of the Sierra Foothills for over ten years. Some of her work has appeared in Rattlesnake Review, Song of the San Joaquin Quarterly, Late Peaches: Poems by Sacramento Poets, Sacramento Voices 2013, 2014 and 2015, Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis, and Common Ground Review. Wendy is a board member of the Sacramento Poetry Center and hosts a first-Monday monthly reading of word luminaries. In Chaparral is her first poetry book with a spine!

74pp. +  Soft Cover.  Perfect Bound. 6" x 9". 
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Wendy Williams takes the reader by the hand and slowly, graciously, points out a "way to see where before we did not" - by exploring the borderland of the Sierra, the rich and diverse chaparral that so many inattentively pass through, going somewhere else. With this collection, one can linger, survey what is arching above, what miniature cosmos lies at one's feet, what treasure is just within fingers' reach. Through these poems, what may seem insignificant or familiar is translated refreshingly, deftly. Reader, pause and savor each. Repeat.

      Brigit Shea Truex,
      author of Strong as Silk: The Story of the Gold Hill Wakamatsu
      Tea & Silk Colony

With economical, precise, yet lyrical language, Wendy Williams reminds us urban dwellers (myself!) that we humans are not the center of the universe. The natural world “in chaparral” is her center and feeds her creative spirit. Her originality lies in her beautiful descriptions: running wild turkeys are “like monks / heeding a call to prayer,” ants are “hundreds of black hyphens,” vultures are “dark angels,” flocks of birds are observed as “an alphabet flies my way/ fifty black bold letters.”  She sees foxgloves falling to earth “like nightgowns / slipped off/ lying/ in soft pink heaps / the covering of the self / let go.”  What more do you need to entice you to read this beautiful and accomplished collection by Wendy Williams!

       Judy Wells, author of The Glass Ship, Call Home and Everything Irish